A Small Step

I had a productive weekend, although the screenshot in this post wouldn’t suggest that. I’ve decided to work on a mobile app to scratch an itch. I got it set up and building against Xamarin.iOS while still using my preferred environment (Visual Studio Code with hand-written fsproj files). I can’t use dotnet build to compile my solution, but MSBuild.Sdk.Extras lets me do an Sdk-style project with MSBuild that can target Xamarin.iOS (and other platforms in the same project too, since it supports multi-targeting).

The plan for this week is to work on the foundation while my wife works on the design. I think I have settled on using EF Core with SQLite for the app’s documents. I decided against using JSON for my document format because it doesn’t seem well-suited to what I want. Threat maps are repositories of relationships. If I did something JSON, I’d effectively end up rolling my own database anyway.

Oh, the app is a threat mapper that I am tentatively calling “Roark”. A threat map is a prep structure used for improvisational GMing. It was first described by D.Vincent Baker in Apocalypse World 2nd edition. As far as I am aware, no one has tried to create this kind of app before.