Wilt Ghoul

Wilt ghouls come in as many shapes and sizes as humans, but they’re usually between five and just over six feet tall and weight between one hundred and two hundred pounds. Wilt ghouls differ primarily from humans in that their skin has desaturated to a grayish hue and their hands end in wickedly sharp claws they use for letting blood.

Named by the adventurers who discovered them, wilt ghouls don’t actually have anything to do with ghouls. They are abominations created by arcane and possibly alien magic, humans twisted into vicious creatures that live to let blood. Wilt ghouls are commonly found in urban environments—places where there are plenty of humans as a source of stock as well as subjects to bleed.

Wilt ghouls are canny hunters, using their dexterity to sneak up on their prey and their wits to trap and ensnare it. They’re not particularly sadistic in their hunting, preferring to bleed their prey out quickly rather than to make it suffer. Lest this be thought a kindness, their reasons are really more utilitarian. After all, the quicker a victim bleeds out, the quicker one can move on to the next. Wilt ghouls typically hunt alone, but they are not adverse to working together if there is reason to believe it will result in more bloodshed. Perhaps surprisingly, wilt ghouls tend not to fight amongst each other.

Wilt ghouls have little use for treasure. They sometimes wear the armor of their victims, but they prefer to use their claws rather than weapons to do their dirty work. Survivors of wilt ghoul attacks describe the wilt ghouls as taking an almost sacramental joy in the work they do. Survivors, however, are very rare.

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